SFP 连接器

DELEC Electronic Magnetic Integrated Connector Module (ICM) products are integrated devices that combine network magnetic components with RJ45 connectors. In addition to the connection function, the magnetic connector modules also have signal conditioning, electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression and electrical isolation functions, and the products are widely used in telecommunications and data networking applications. The transmission of ICM products supports from 10/100M to 10000M and supports POE/POE+. It includes a single socket, a vertical 180-degree installation socket, an integrated USB socket, a single-row multiple sockets, and a double-row multiple sockets. Various interface configurations are available.

              *ICM design includes 10/100BT , 1GBT and 10GBT and POE/POE+.

              * Port configuration from 1X1 to 2X8 (16 ports)

              * Mechanical dimensions conform to IEC61076-3-110

              * Electrical performance conforms to IEC60603-7-71 and IEEE802.3

              * Operating temperature: 0 degrees to 70 degrees or specified temperature