SFP 连接器

Our broad SFP portfolio of small form-factor pluggable (SFP) connectors can provide comprehensive and customizable solutions to address your I/O interconnects. The SFP portfolio connectors is designed to transfer data at speeds of up to 28G NRZ and 56G PAM-4. Choose from SFP-DD, SFP28 & SFP56, SFP+, and SFP products, depending on your system architecture, e.g. PCB space, speed, channel and port density requirements. Each of our SFP connectors features surface-mount technology (SMT) connectors and cages in multiple configurations. With our innovative thermal bridge technology, SFP products can help dissipate heat and improve system performance, while requiring less power to operate the overall system.

  • Support applications up to 28 Gbps NRZ and 56 Gbps PAM-4

  • Offers cages in single-port, ganged (1xN) and stacked (2xN) configurations; belly-to-belly mounting cages also offered

  • Features elastomeric gaskets or springs for EMI containment

  • Offers heat sink and light pipe options

  • Stacked cages include an integrated high-speed connector

SFP 连接器