Company Profile
Company Name: Dongguan Doya Electronics Co., Ltd
Established: 1997
Chairman: Zhu Qianping
Duoya Electronics is committed to the design, manufacture and sales of electronic products. With the development of electronic technology and information, the company has set up a research and development department to design connector for communication, energy storage and energy transfer, and developed a variety of specifications to meet different customer needs and applications. The integrated network interface module series integrates the forward-looking new design concept, that is, condensing the substrate density, reducing the cost and modularizing the components, placing the 10M, 100M/1000M or 10G-40G magnetic electronic components in the metal shield of the RJ45 connector With the characteristics of various innovative designs, these products have become the industry standard and have obtained a number of patents.
  • 25+years
    25+ years of experience in producing connectors and cables
  • 2000+types
    2000+ product styles can be found, industrial high-end products
  • 50+area
    Products are available in more than 50 countries around the world
  • 5000+lots
    5000+ customers around the world choose ADAMICU